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August 7, 2015, 8:11 pm
  • Casino Babies

    For a long time, casinos have been the turf of the older crowd. Casino seemed to be more appropriate for businessmen, retirees, and long-time employees. But in the Philippines, the casino world is seeing more of the younger patrons.

    What has led to this phenomenon? Will it continue?

    Some say that younger Filipinos nowadays are more liberated, more open to possibilities. Slowly, the people of this country are changing its conservative views about certain thins, such as gambling. Filipinos are beginning to see that playing in casinos is a fun way to relax and enjoy. It's about time they forget about their old notions about casinos.

    One factor why Young Filipinos are being more open about casinos is the presence of more casinos in the country. Unlike before, when there are very limited casinos found there, now, they are growing in number. Aside from that, they are also situated in places where many people can see them easily, like the Casino Filipino in Pasay City. Casinos in the Philippines, are becoming more of a regular thing.

    Another reason would be that the Filipino youth are becoming independent at a much younger age now. They are becoming more like their American counterparts, who become independent by the age of 18. Of course, to be independent, you have to be financially stable. Once these young Filipino individuals become financially stable, they can spend their money however much they want.

    Gone are the days when young Filipinos need to consult everything that they do to their parents. Because they have grown to be more independent, they can decide on their own. They can go to casinos whenever they want to, even without asking their parents first.

    Other countries are outsourcing their companies to the Philippines. As a result, there is more employment opportunities now than there were before. Filipino youth can get jobs more easily, compared to the older times. Thus, they become financially stable earlier than usual.

    Add to this the possibility that they grew tired already of the same old things they do for fun like going to disco clubs. We all know that at a certain point, we will get tire of doing the same thing over and over again. It's natural for people to crave for new things. This is one of the important reasons why casinos are popular to younger Filipino crowds today.

    Will it continue? Yes, but only if casinos consistently give their customers the best service they can.

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