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August 7, 2015, 8:11 pm
  • The Gamblin Symptoms

    Gambling is a vicious cycle. One only has to experience it once to attest how addicting it could possibly be. Unfortunately, as vicious and threatening gambling is, one can hardly realize that they have already fallen prey under the trickster ways in which gambling gets into a person's system.

    However, there are lots of ways we can use to check if gambling is becoming an addiction. Here's a four-point countdown we would now call the gambling symptoms:

    1. Losing precious work or school time for gambling means addiction. All of us have a lot of individual responsibilities to attend to and at times, twenty four hours a day seems to be insufficient for us to accomplish all the tasks we need to get done. If a person already becomes too engrossed with gambling that time allotment and daily schedules are already being interrupted, gambling has clearly become an addiction.

    2. Getting buried beneath debts just to be able to gamble means addiction. Although many of us might not have too much money to spare for everything we essentially need, debts also has its own limits. There's nothing wrong with borrowing money from other people, so long as we keep in mind that we have a responsibility to pay it back at the promised time. But if one notices that promises too often get neglected and unpaid debts keep on piling up just to be able to indulge into gambling, something is terribly wrong already.

    3. Gambling losses do not end the game but rather motivate gambling again - another sign of addiction. Remember how we often find seeing game over signs plastered on screen as an obvious mean of saying the game has officially stopped? This definitely goes the same with gambling. We can only play so much at certain amounts of time. Actually, this is what causes gambling to become a vicious cycle - the desperation to win what have just been lost and the false hope it feeds from.

    4. Gambling until the last coin or the last bill means addiction. When other important necessities or expenses are being forgotten, gambling is definitely turning into an addiction. When one does not care about becoming bankrupt just so they can continue on playing the game, that is fatal addiction. Before they know, they might not find even a single penny left in their pockets - literally.

    Gambling turns into a silent addiction. Oftentimes, it is other people who point it out to us that we are becoming addicted to it. But now that these symptoms have been laid out and presented, we can only hope that people would become more self-aware rather than bettings-aware when gambling.

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