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August 7, 2015, 8:11 pm
  • The Casino Trap; Easy 1-2-3 Guide Out of It

    You have loved gambling all your life and you have been only recently introduced to casinos. You play your nights away and venture off to Las Vegas, the city of your dream casinos. You play and play until one night you find yourself trapped in a casino. Why are you trapped? You are trapped in a casino because you tossed all your money away with casino games and you now do not even have enough for a simple hamburger. This is the easy 1-2-3 guide out of your casino trap.

    We now have to face ourselves with three possibilities that you might be trapped in; one is that you have a couple of hundred dollars in your pocket, but it is not enough to pay for the trip home or any hotel. The second possibility is that you have less than that let us say twenty to fifty dollars and the last possibility is that you have zero money whatsoever. What can you do to get out of all of these?

    For the first scenario the easy 1-2-3 guide tells you to play one casino game that you excel in and this game has to be controllable by your skill and not by luck. Try blackjack, baccarat, or poker and play on a table with a dealer that seems to be a little tired and worn out already. Another easy 1-2-3 guide step is to find a one on one match and bet a little on both, to guarantee some money coming in.

    The second scenario is tougher and again the easy 1-2-3 guide will advise you to take on a game of skill in the casino of your choice. If you keep on losing, then go into an internet café and write your resume and curriculum vitae and apply for a job in any of those casinos. Remember that most casinos also act as hotel or restaurant, so there are plenty of jobs to fill to get your way out of the casino trap.

    The last easy 1-2-3 guide scenario is a little worrying, because you may have to beg for money and put a dime into a slot machine hoping that you win, or you have to apply for a job just like in the second scenario. You might also want to hitchhike home, but there are far too many miles especially if you are in Las Vegas and without money you cannot buy foods and drinks. If you are female, you might want to think about an entertainment club near the casino or even within where you could work as show girl.

    Getting out of a casino trap is never that easy as the easy 1-2-3 guide. It might take time and a lot of effort in order to ever get out of a casino trap. So, before getting out of a casino trap, just make sure you never get into one in the first place.

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