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August 7, 2015, 8:11 pm
  • More Gambling in Singapore

    Many had benefited much from gambling. Take for example the cities which have built a lot of buildings and infrastructures, thanks to gambling profits. Since gambling has been legalized, the taxes have helped governments in their projects for the people. Gambling has also worked with charitable institutions in helping the needy ones.

    Because of this, Singapore is thinking of expanding its gambling business. Recently, it has decided to build two more gambling resorts to cater more gambling clients. The government of Singapore allows this in hope to increase their profits.

    However, there are some negative reactions to this move, coming from gambling skeptics. They fear that Singapore would end up being too dependent on the gambling industry. They want to remind the government that gambling is still a vice, even if you legalize and regulate it. Consequently, they are afraid of the impact of this gambling expansion to the society of Singapore.

    The gambling supporters argue that Singaporeans are mature enough to handle such gambling exposure. They say that the citizens are not new to gambling, in fact statistics show that over half of the Singaporeans aged 18 and above are playing gambling games today.

    Some of the common gambling activities in Singapore are horse bettin, football betting, lottery or 4D, and of course, mahjong.

    The statistics also show that there is only a little percentage of Singaporeans who has fallen to gambling addiction, so they say that problem gambling in Singapore is very much under control.

    The supporters of gambling added that this gambling expansion is good for them all. They have learned that Singaporeans visit other foreign lands for their gambling need because there is a shortage of gambling houses in Singapore. If you can make these citizens stay, and play in Singapore instead, it would be better for the economy.

    The government declares that the people should not worry that problem gambling will increase because of this expansion. In addition to that, they remind the people that problem gambling is a choice, it is not something that we cannot control, thus, people may remain unaffected by the increase of gambling resorts if they choose to.

    This means that the increase of gambling resorts in Singapore will not directly result to increase in problem gambling. People should stop blaming the gambling resorts for gambling addiction because it is the person itself that chooses to be addicted. Not a single gambling house force any one to be addicted to gambling.

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