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August 7, 2015, 8:11 pm
  • Norwegian Now Availalble at Bet and Game

    In its move to expand its services to the online gaming community, Bet and Game is now offering a new gambling site in the Norwegian language. It offers the site in Norwegian language to broaden its wide range of offerings and hopefully attract new players seeking to play in their native language.

    The site offers casino games, poker tournaments and lotto games. Sports betting and betting exchanges in local and international markets is also available.

    Lars Christiansen, Managing Director of the online casino, said that Bet and Game is delighted to launch this Norwegian language site as the move increases their ability to provide local and customized services to their clients.

    Bet and Games dedication to offering local content in an international market is shown through their continuous additions of additional languages to their site thus allowing the players to read and enjoy the games in their native tongue.

    As of the moment, the Norwegian language is the sixth language to be added to their online game site, with plans to continue adding an additional language each month.

    For Norwegians, this is the perfect time to visit the online site and enjoy the wide array of games Bet and Game is offering.

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