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August 7, 2015, 8:11 pm
  • Who Wants to be the Next Casino Pit Boss?

    Casino floor employees have a lot of stress as it is whenever they count the cards, the chips and try to strike a smart conversation with the casino player. Dealers are the only people in the casino that deal with the casino guest straight up front, but the dealers are being supervised as well and the people who are assigned to those supervising positions are called pit supervisors or pit bosses. We will give you an inside look on what pit bosses have to do every day and how you can get to be a pit boss.

    Anyone can be promoted to the position of the pit boss as long as they have been dealing in the same casino previously. It takes usually six to seven months until you are being promoted and you should learn as many table games as possible when you are still a dealer. You should show your supervisor that you are motivated enough to manage the pit and other floors and you should show skill as well so that you are being promoted.

    A pit boss has many different task, therefore it is important for a pit boss to be able to multitask and learn many different things. First of all, a pit boss is responsible for the casino pit. The pit consists of four to seven tables that are under your supervision. It is better that you know how every table game works or at least make yourself familiar with the games. Your task will be to supervise the dealers and motivate them as well. You have to watch for possible cheaters, stealers and dishonest dealers as well as players. As a pit boss, you are basically responsible for the material goods of the casino itself.

    Whenever you see a player winning too much, it is your duty as casino pit boss to try to tell the player off. You are also responsible for complaints by casino visitors against the dealer or the game itself. You have to have people skills, because the guest is nevertheless the king and you should be polite, yet firm to the violating casino guests. Another bonus that you get from being a pit boss, aside from supervising the dealers it that you will get a fixed income. The income can go as high as $75, 000 annually and even higher because pit bosses receive commissions from the overall earnings which can be as high as 10 percent.

    Being a casino pit boss surely pays off and you will find yourself leading a superior lifestyle. The job can fulfill your dreams and will definitely lead you to another promotion.

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